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test de la Toyota Camry hybride 218 ch Lounge (2019)

this is the comeback season at toyota after the corolla that we tried ya not long time who came back after a few years of absence since she had been replaced by loris it’s the turn of the Camry to make a comeback on the market French after being replaced for a few years by some at 26 then this camry so this is a sedan that is almost 4 feet 90 from the ounce is a competitor of the talismans superb these things there she is proposed only in sedan and France exists only in hybrid version with a engine that makes 218 horses accumulated in fact these same engines that is present on the toyota rav4 but also on the lexus es there are three levels of finish for this camry in france on try here the upscale lounge that has a particularity that interests us many by this hot weather it’s having a very air conditioning performing inside our version upscale is entitled to a saddlery leather that even goes up a little bit on the dashboard and whose color clear on a warm side the inserts in real wood adds a side top of the line on the other hand the design of some items like seat controls heated or the keys around the central screen seems to date but the equipment is complete as well in comfort that in safety and we appreciate the head-up display at the back the habitability is very generous with for example a leg room superior to that of a class e the passengers they are in addition very well treated on this high-end version with an adjustable bench seat back electrically tilting or a separate air conditioning and the possibility of partially controlling the multimedia part and an electric blind rear window as in a limousine the trunk is not left out with more than 600 cubic decimetres measured by us is clearly more than a class there again only the super schola turned into volume of safe in the category the unique motorization proposed on this camry so hybrid 218 horses helps go from 0 to 100 in 9 seconds and the 1000m start was about 30 seconds it’s not a sport at all it’s enough everyday and to revive even on highway the weak point it’s not so much the performance is that when we press bottom on the accelerator and ben on find the facts cvt and the effect mobylettes of the prices since it is the same transmission is the same type of transmission with trains epicyclic still feels like less on the one hand because the sound system is pretty well worked and on the other hand, as we have enough torque and power moments where one must depressed the accelerator thoroughly are still rare in any case in driving everyday the car is rather silent which contributes to comfort and we come to the chassis part where we find a good compromise we do not have the dynamism of a 508 well the car and dad rate of no longer the everything with a very comfortable level of comfort correct so that as a whole this car rather a nice traveling machine to travel far away even especially as the level of consumption is quite amazing given the benefits on come here just after indeed this camry hybrid consumes obviously – all competing then to my essence and done equal game with a hybrid optima rechargeable according to our measurements but she pushes the cap further in being also more sober than the most diesel equivalent like a passat tdi 190 or a mazda6 diesel from 184 horses the good news is not over in price the camry starts at 37000 euros with the same engine as our test model and equipment already very provided for 41000 euros the finishing design we are the most interesting with the full of equipment safety and comfort our upscale model goes up as to him at 44 thousand euros with amenities worthy of a luxury car in any case a passade is good more expensive with equivalent benefits we have to turn to mazda 6 where the superb to find a price benefits not too far away but it’s all about diesel versions while our camry run on gasoline and if we compare to the category of class e so this camry is a super case

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